The topic I chose in the ICTED 2012 , Altenative Learning System (ALS) and their speaker is from the UP College of Education Mrs. Ched. She talks about what are the issues and situation in education here in the Philippines. One of the problem in the present is the education of the students who is really dropping in the class and pursue doing a work for their own family and themselves. This program helps a lot for them, because it gives an opportunity to study. This program gives a program that really fixed and depends upon their availability in that they whether it is friday, saturday or sunday. It depends. This is really helpful to them because they can give an opportunity to finish their academic careers. I’m really blesses to this program because many people can join and study.




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WEBINAR: Under the Table Note Taker

As part of the course requirements of EDUC190, Computers in Education, we are asked to host our webinar, an online seminar. So..

I’m inviting everyone to attend our webinar (an online seminar) for freeeeee!

WHAT: Under the Table Note Taker
WHEN: Sept.29, Saturday


This webinar will be about utilizing the use of mobile phones inside the classroom such as note taking, and other applications (dictionary). This will help both teachers (and aspiring teachers) and students! This will be exciting!

Our speaker will be Ms. Wendy Gorton, a certified google teacher! Follow her on Twitter, @WendyGorton!

Register here: http://bit.ly/Pi5FuN
Attend here: http://bit.ly/SjftYL

*access the link (of attend here) 15-20 minutes prior to the time.
*it is advised that you wear headphones during the seminar.


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Heroism is the antidote of evil.

ICTED 2012

It’s surely not my thing to get to know people, famous people in general. I prefer people who work hard even though they’re not famous. So what is this ranting for? I confess that I don’t know how Sir Luistro looks like; I just hear his name in the news or on twitter. I know that he’s somehow related to Department of Education but I’m not sure what he’s business is. I saw him last July 27, 2012, the last day of ICTED, and when I heard him talk about how teachers are considered as leaders in our society and how much passionate he is in uplifting education, I realized that there’s a reason why he is famous or why he is the secretary of the Department of Education. I didn’t really get to sit and listen in a particular topic or talk, because I was a marshall and we were the ones who ran back and forth to check if everything is in place, helped the guests and almost everything. But, what impressed me a lot is how positive speakers were in Education and their drive to make a difference in their students. I remember the speech of Mrs. Solita Monsod, she said that Teachers are the key to a quality education and that education should be the central strategy for decreasing poverty and other issue of our country. Also, she said that Leadership is about a person’s willingness and desire to make a difference, which I hope every person has this kind of mind set especially politicians.

Lastly, I would like to share what stroked me the most in Mrs. Monsod’s speech. She said that, us, teachers, should Think less about ourselves and think more of WE. That is pertaining to our students, their parents and everybody around us.

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Tarat magbasa.. 

I’m happy that there’s still a group or organization that helps the young children to read. It is a big help for the children because first of all reading is one of the basic skills that we need. Their project of giving service to the children made me overwhelm. The facilitators there is eager for the students to learn. They give their full support to train them and be a part of the children lives in the future. I just wish that their project will be consistent and open to all.



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Tech in Language Arts-Group3




Topic: Phonemes

Analyze Learners
Kinder 1 (15 students)

State standards and objectives
At the end of the lesson the Kinder 1 pupils must be able to:

  1. determine the beginning or ending sound of a word
  2. produce the sound of the letters correctly
  3. finish the online activities
  4. give at least two words that have sound the same beginning and ending sound

Select methods, delivery and media
1. Show children a picture dictionary.
2. Explain that pictures of things that begin with A are first, followed by pictures of things that begin with B, and so on.
3. Ask the students to give their own examples.

Utilize media and materials
1. Presentation of an interactive video (alphabet phonemes)
2. phonemic awareness worksheet
3. beginning sound activity
4. Picture Dictionary

Require learner participation

  1. recitation
  2. active participation during online activities
  3. competency in doing the worksheet
  4. cooperation

Evaluate and revise

Let the students answer an activity using this link. (The teacher may also change the direction wherein the students will have to color the correct picture that correspond with the correct letter sound)


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TechInLangArts – Group 4


Analyze Learners:
Grade 2
State Standards and Objectives:
-The students should be able to classify nouns into proper and common.
-The students should be able to give examples of proper and common nouns
Select Methods Delivery Media
-Ask the students to bring out their snacks and let them read the labels of their snacks and describe in front of the class.
-List on the board the proper and common names mentioned by the students and discuss the difference of the proper and common nouns
-Let them look for the printed labels around the classroom and ask them to place it on the pocket chart
Utilize Media and Materials
-packed snacks of the kids
-printed labels (from websites)
-pocket chart
-online resources for the assignments
Require Learner Participation
-recitation during the snack introduction activity
-pocket chart classification activity
-online enrichment activity
Evaluate and Revise
-Assignment: answer the quiz on http://www.softschools.com/quizzes/grammar/noun/quiz295.html
and print out the questions and their answers they got from the website

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TechinLanguage – Grp. 2

Bacod, Cruz, Dacuba, De Guzman, Denolo, Gamboa, Maramag, Odero


Subject : Language

Topic : Adjectives

Time allotment: 50 mins.


Analyze Learners

  • Twenty-five (25) Grade 3 students co ed. (private school)

  • Fast learners

  • iPad users


State Standards and Objectives

At the end of the class, the students shall be able to:

  1. Identify different parts of speech

  2. Differentiate each parts of speech

  3. Create a sentence using at least three parts of speech


Select Methods, Delivery, Media


  • the teacher will create the puzzle that will show the different parts of speech



  • the teacher will discuss each part of speech

  • the teacher will use each part of speech in sentences

  • the teacher will ask the students to create their own sentence/s containing a particular part of speech


Utilize Media and Materials

  • iPad, LCD projector, promethian board, internet


Require Learner Participation

Guided Practice

  • the teacher will flash sentences with underlined words (parts of speech). The students are expected to identify each parts of speech.


Independent Practice

  • the students will create their own sentences. Then, the teacher will ask them to underline the noun, encircle the pronoun, box the adjective, cross-out the verb, etc.


Evaluate and Revise



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